Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Really Don't Have A Reason

Don't mind that last post. I tend to get in these random random moods where I think and write random things. Last post being an example of that.
Oh, time to put the laundry in the dryer, be right back.


Ok, back. Now, I need to make this short or I will waste away my day browsing the internet aimlessly. I really wanna get some cleaning done before work, which leaves me with exactly 2 hours. In that time frame I need to clean, get clean, eat, get dressed, update my ipod, finish my laundry and LEAVE!

Now I wanna try to get organized. Time-wise. Because I never start earlier than 4pm everyday. Which leaves me with a lot of free time. Free time that's been completely wasted lately. I go to bed between 3am-5am, sleep until 12 and then lounge around in my underwear and drinking coffee until it's time to go to work. How pathetic.

I need to work on Popcherry. My portfolio hasn't even started. I wanna buy a new domain.

So here's my plan. Give myself a curfew! Going to bed at 3am when you're not even out dancing is ridiculous. If I'm home, go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and actually accomplish something. Yes.

Also, having set goals for the day. Not just one big general project. But a small part of it that will be out of the way. Oooh yes.

And that's it for now. My brain isn't functioning. Laters.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Should I Save Myself For Later?

Time spent in your head. The passages winding like roads ahead. Suddenly, a fork. Do you go left? Or right? Or suddenly stray off the path.

I want to stray. I need to stray. To not know where you'll end up. Somewhere better. Maybe.

No direction is right. Or is right the direction? Needing a helping hand. A strong hand. One that will show me right from wrong. The only one that can trusted.

Who will offer. Will I listen. Finally be guided.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bring On The Lazyness!

So school's out for summer. Or in my case, for the next year. And I must admit, I'm really sad not to be returning to school next semester. I mean, it's all for a greater purpose, but I did enjoy finally going back. I'd already taken a 2 year hiatus and I missed learning. Not that I didn't learn anything during that 2 years... trust me, I learned more than I wish I had. But I missed having something to accomplish when I come back home. Being surrounded by other students and teachers. Feeling like I was actually doing something. I made some good friends, had great teachers, was performing well. I even received a rose from my Economics teacher my last day of school! (well, maybe because I requested one, but whatev, a rose is a rose! hehe)

So what have I done since? NADA! And it's feeling damn good. Drinking way too much coffee, sleeping in a bit, browsing the internet aimlessly, all that fun stuff. But I do hope to get productive real soon. I've started going to the gym, working out regularly, jogging. I also want to bring to the next level with my roommate, work on my portfolio for Central St-Martin's and start sewing.

Now, will I do any of that? Who knows. But hopefully yes.

These are my first full days off, and blessed as I am, it's been raining non-stop! I was fully planning on tanning on my patio, but those dreams have been crushed!! CRUSHED I SAY!!! Hopefully the sun will show it's pretty face soon enough. And so will my tan.

Coffee's cold, time for some more. A plus!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

to the next level

I needed a fresh start. Plus my other blog's name was too long. So this is basically going to follow me through my new singledom and working towards my big London move next summer. Stay tuned, it's going to be exciting.