Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shavings And Warmings

Finally did something semi-drastic with my hair. Getting tired with my lack of creativity, I brought up the idea of getting a fade done with designs to my friend Cindy. It took her less than 2 minutes to convince me. So off we went on a barber-finding adventure on Thursday in my neighborhood but to no avail. How hard can it be to find a fucking barbershop in Snowdon?! Finally we stumble upon this small place on the 2nd floor of this random building. The shop looks more like a 1 bedroom apartment, dancehall is blaring and we're greeted with confused stares from the tenants. We've come to the right place.

I ask if they do fades, to which I was instructed to sit down. He asks what I want, I point to my shirt(gold lightning bolt pattern) and he nods. Off he goes to work, freestyling along the way, 20 minutes and $15 later it's finished. This beautiful piece of art on my head. Cindy's loving it. I'm loving it. I'm happy. It's bold and I'm rocking it.

Enough about hair, it's finally the weekend! My friend is having a house warming today, so I'm heading there in just a bit. Talking to my friend Deb I was reminded that Numero #, TTC and Omnikrom are playing the Metropolis tonight. So I might be going there, it would be an amazing show and God knows I haven't been to a show in a while. Plus I need to show off the new do, and that would be the perfect place to do it! Now to find some drugs... haha

Tomorrow, another Sunday, another Piknic. My friend Jess from Ottawa might be coming down, and I'll be reunited with my mistress Sofia, so I'm majorly pumped. I always have a good time, and I'm sure tomorrow will be no exception. Unless it rains. Then I'll be damn pissed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Météo Média is right for once and it doesn't. Regardless, much booze will be consumed.

After finishing the new Harry Potter book, I figured it was high time I finally see the movie. So yesterday I woke up around 12, roll a quick joint, run to the bus, pick up some Tim Hortons and a Rockstar energy drink and hightail it to the most ghetto movie theatre in the Plaza Cotes-Des-Neiges to catch the matinée. The rooms are always empty and that day wasn't an exception. We were about 6 as I settled down with my bagel and croissant and the glee of a 6 y/o child at Christmas.

The movie is fast paced, dark and well done. Compared to the book everything does feel really rushed, but the overall mood and tone in pitch perfect. I laughed, I cried(I really did) and left mucho pleased.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Dentist Is The Devil

What the fuck is the point in waking up at 7am to go to a Dentist appointment simply to be told you need your wisdom teeth pulled out. I KNOW! That's why I went there in the first place. That's why my gums are hurting like a bitch. That's why my mouth and throat are swollen and that I've had 4 prescriptions already. Doesn't take a wizard, let alone a dentist, to tell me this. So $65 and an appointment in two weeks later, I am back at home, still in pain.

Speaking of wizards, I have just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Was it as expected? Somewhat, although I really hadn't given myself any preconceptions before reading it, and refused to listen to any of the rumours surrounding it. I will say this, more than one key character dies. The book is very dark, very grim...but still has all the Potter charm from the previous 6 books. I really can't say whether it was my favourite or not, seeing as it's very different the it's predecessors. The same settings and characters remain...but the format differs greatly. But all in all, it was more than an enjoyable read, the plot is enthralling and the ending is satisfying. I will probably read it again soon seeing as I plowed through it in no time even though I said I wouldn't.

I've been trying to enjoy summer as much as I can in the past few weeks, even though the weather's been less that cooperative, but at least I've gotten quite a few days of sun bathing crammed in there. Oh, and I finally went swimming for the first time of the year, and it felt damn good.

Grrr, Cindy best call me soon. We're going to breakfast together and I'm fucking starving. And knowing this girl, it can still be a few hours before she's up. I guess I'll go munch while I wait.