Friday, September 7, 2007

I Get All The Girls

But what about the boys? It is ridiculously hard to find a good decent boy out there. When I go out I hardly ever get approached. I don't know if it's just lack of attraction, the fact that I'm constantly surrounded by at least 3 of my hags at all times or that I put up too much of a cold front and don't look approachable. I don't know man. And when I go online, it's all about sex. Don't get me wrong, I love sex, I really do. But I get absolutely no pleasure in casual sex. Trust me, I tried. But it's just so empty, I never really get into it and don't get much pleasure out of it. Maybe it's because I got two years of sex just the way I liked it, any way I liked it, that I've become jaded.

In similar news, tomorrow is my ex's birthday. I've decided I'll be the bigger man and send him a birthday wish. God knows he didn't. And I was really sad. I mean, he's the one that did me wrong, not the other way around. All day and for a few days after my birthday I kept checking my text messages and e-mails with the hope of finding just a simple "Happy Birthday". But nothing. Nada. RIEN! Bastard.

So Spring/Summer 2008 is in full swing. This week is New York fashion week and I'm trying to get my fashion blog off the ground to be able to post and comment about it. As of now, I'm still waiting to be impressed. BCBG and Preen are the only two collections thus far that have had any impact on me. Most of the collections, including Bill Blass and Bagdley Mishka have thoroughly disappointed me. I was actually really excited about Bagdley Mishka but they've somewhat fallen out of my graces as of late. First they hire that fug bitch Terry Hatcher as their new face(what a horrid mistake) for the Fall/Winter 2007 campaigns. And now they filled their collection with a bunch of florals and black. Urgh. I'm so over florals. At least some people are getting right: lots of draping, desert wear, 20s and 60s influences and cinched waists. Yummy.

Well, you hear that sound? It's time to head to work. :( But then it's the WEEKEND! Which means partying for my roommates birthday and Osheaga festival on Sunday to see M.I.A.!!!!!