Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bring On The Lazyness!

So school's out for summer. Or in my case, for the next year. And I must admit, I'm really sad not to be returning to school next semester. I mean, it's all for a greater purpose, but I did enjoy finally going back. I'd already taken a 2 year hiatus and I missed learning. Not that I didn't learn anything during that 2 years... trust me, I learned more than I wish I had. But I missed having something to accomplish when I come back home. Being surrounded by other students and teachers. Feeling like I was actually doing something. I made some good friends, had great teachers, was performing well. I even received a rose from my Economics teacher my last day of school! (well, maybe because I requested one, but whatev, a rose is a rose! hehe)

So what have I done since? NADA! And it's feeling damn good. Drinking way too much coffee, sleeping in a bit, browsing the internet aimlessly, all that fun stuff. But I do hope to get productive real soon. I've started going to the gym, working out regularly, jogging. I also want to bring to the next level with my roommate, work on my portfolio for Central St-Martin's and start sewing.

Now, will I do any of that? Who knows. But hopefully yes.

These are my first full days off, and blessed as I am, it's been raining non-stop! I was fully planning on tanning on my patio, but those dreams have been crushed!! CRUSHED I SAY!!! Hopefully the sun will show it's pretty face soon enough. And so will my tan.

Coffee's cold, time for some more. A plus!

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